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How to design corporate folders and print them?

Como diseñar carpetas corporativas

First of all we will teach you how to design corporate folders for your company. Later we will tell you how to print custom folders.

Tips on how to design corporate folders

 A product such as corporate folders can change the order of an office, the sense of belonging of employees and become an elegant and professional letter of introduction to your customers.

That said, 50% of the success of any folder is the design. So let’s start defining some concepts and providing some tips to learn how to design attractive and impactful corporate folders.

Our main advice is to follow your corporate identity to the letter. That is, the basic colors of your company, its typography and any other visual aspect. This way, customers or employees will recognize the brand instantly and it will be more present in their minds every time they see it again.

Another thing to keep in mind about the design of corporate folders is the organization of the content. If you add a messy, chaotic or full of information design, customers will not recognize your brand or you will not even be able to differentiate the contact details and logo. Take care of the front side by making a clean design, with a representative image or a minimalist background with the company colors and your logo. On the back, add the contact information below, and if you want, above, a directory with your services.

What should I include in my folder design?

  • Corporate colors (background and text)
  • Corporate typography
  • Logo (Large front and small back)
  • Slogan (if any)
  • Service Directory (optional on the back)
  • Address
  • Telephone numbers
  • E-mail address
  • Website (if any)
  • Social media
  • Any other formality
Como diseñar carpetas corporativas

How to design a corporate folder in illustrator

If you want to know how to design a corporate folder in illustrator just follow these simple steps. This is for folders with flaps, if you want folders without flaps you will have to request the templates.

  1. Download the free template: If you want to speed up the process, you can request the template for the design at your trusted printer, so you already have more than 50% of the work done. In Colorprinter we provide them for free. Below you will find the template to know how to design a corporate folder in illustrator. The .pdf file with the appropriate guidelines and margins for printing.
  1. Include a background: You can draw a rectangle of the same size for each part of the folder and put different backgrounds. We recommend that you use one for the whole folder and later include vectors to customize each part. Use the clipping mask with the blue line of the template to have the background at the correct size.
  2. Add the company logo: Vectorize the company logo, or if you already have it add it to your work table. Now place it in the central or upper part of the folder. The main image of the brand should always be visible. In the back you can also place it next to the contact information (the lower left corner of the file).
  3. Add vector images or photographs: The images you add must be vectors, to avoid having any pixel or low resolution in any part of your design. You can find a lot of free and paid vectors on freepik.
  4. Contact details: As we said in the previous step, do not forget to write your contact details, such as phone, address and email. Also include the social network icons if you have them. We recommend you to download the TYPECOON REGULAR font (each letter is a social network symbol, for example the “F” will be the Facebook icon).
  5. Expand and outline: This is the last and most important step so that nothing in the corporate folder design moves or changes during printing. You must expand all the appearances of the file and transform all the texts to outlines (look at the image to quickly find this option).
Como diseñar carpetas en illustrator
crear contornos en illustrator

How to print corporate folders

Many companies have opted to take their image more and more seriously. Hence, printing corporate folders and other office elements in a personalized way is an increasingly popular proposal framed in identity manuals.

The printing of the folders is very simple. It is divided into three main steps.

  1. Printing of coated or offset paper sheets. The sheets of paper are printed in full color on 1 or 2 sides with the design that has been previously made.
  2. Die cutting. In Colorprinter we use a special die for folders with flaps. With the option to cut a 1 mm and a 5 mm spine. Two dies that result in clean, fine and high quality cuts.
  3. Creasing. The creasing is done together with the same die. This leaves some areas of the folder with a crease that will allow it to be folded later. Creases are made in the center and on the flaps. The folding is done manually. This results in the best final finish.
  4. Flat packing. To send the corporate folders to the customer, they are packed flat.
  5. Hand folding. The owner of the folders will take care of the folding just before use. It is very simple thanks to the previously made creases.

Now you can get a quicker idea of how to print corporate folders. With state-of-the-art machinery and always pristine dies, you will have the best folder printing.

What types of corporate folders can be printed?

  • Cardboard folders with flaps. Widely used in law firms, real estate and corporate offices.
  • Cardboard folders without flaps. Mainly for few documents, to carry them from one side of the company office to the other.
  • Polypropylene or cardboard folders. Ideal for academies, schools and other organizations that need to store and carry a lot of “paperwork”.

There are actually hundreds of options available for printing folders. Depending on your budget and usability, we will recommend one option or another.

diseñar archivadores

Conclusion on how to design and print corporate folders

Now that you have an idea about the design and printing of company folders, you can request a custom quote at our printing company, Colorprinter.

Our consultants will help you find the folder that best suits your business and your budget.

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